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WhatsApp marketing tool has become important for any marketer & businesses. With over 2 billion monthly active users & growing, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide. It is later follow on with Facebook messenger. Imagine with this sheer amount of active users, one must wonder how many business opportunities are there for us. Our WhatsApp marketing tool is FREE for download.

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Free WhatsApp Software

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WhatsApp Software

Download and use it for free. However, we do not provide after-sales service upon the free items. This software comes with these functions:


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Looking for better alternative?

WhatsApp Blaster Software

A cloud-based WhatsApp Blaster Software

whatsapp cloud blaster

A cloud-based WhatsApp Blaster will keep blasting out your messages without needing you to turn on your PC. Even when you shut down your PC, your campaign will still run at the backend. It is easier and more convenient for you. Here are some of the benefits:

Free WhatsApp Software

Even when your PC is turn off, your campaign will still be running

Connect via WhatsApp Web

Connect to your existing WhatsApp account via WhatsApp Web.

Anti-Ban System

Our software is installed with multiple advanced proxies in order to minimize the rate of WhatsApp detecting your blasting.

WhatsApp Button

You can insert buttons to your WhatsApp messages and blast out to your contacts

Campaign Scheduler

You can schedule your campaign at any time. 

WhatsApp Group Extractor

Extract all WhatsApp numbers in a WhatsApp Group easily after you have connected to your existing WhatsApp account

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